I was invited by the people at FutureSound Group to create the key visual for the 2023 Slam Dunk Festival, an alternative music festival taking place in England. The festival featured great artists like The Offspring, Enter Shikari, Billy Talent, Bowling For Soup, Yellowcard, Underoath and many, many others.

The project below is the result of collaboration between me and FutureSound Group.
To develop the main admat, I created an updated version of the festival logo, a new color palette, illustrations and an initial layout. After approval of the main elements, the entire layout was done internally by the FutureSound team - I can hardly imagine how complicated it was to fit all these bands together in such an incredible way.
In addition to the main event in England, there were also two side shows, one in Rimini (Italy) and the other in Lyon (France). Both shows used the main visual key as a base but had some small adaptations of colors and illustrations.
To give consistency to the key visual, I created more than 40 illustrations that were used both in the main admat and also in merchandise, wristbands, signage and in the event's communication in general.
Each festival stage was sponsored by a different brand and divided by different styles of bands, so to promote the stages, the designs needed to be unique and distinguishable from each other.
The "KnotFest" Stage
The "Amazong Music" Stage
The "Dickies" Stage
The "Kerrang Magazine" Stage
The "Key Club" Stage
Exclusive design created for merchandise.
Vinicius Gut (Graphic Designer/Illustrator)
FutureSound Group: Ben Ray (Festival Director), JD Malloy (Artist Production Manager), Jasmine Hussain (Operations Manager), Simon Angilley (Technical Production Manager), Chelsea Bakewell (Marketing Manager), Lydia Conway (Creative Content Manager), Dylan Broadbent (Digital Marketing Strategist), Sav Bowskill (Marketing Assistant), Jess Huxham (Marketing Assistant), Lanie Coetsee (Creative Marketing Assistant).

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